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The Toxic Avengers are three environmental professionals. For the past 10 years they have been attacking environmental problems everywhere from the Far East to their own backyards. Now they want to use their talents to clean up in the junkyard.

Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, the Toxic Avengers were not selected for the 2001 season of Junkyard Wars. But we will be looking for our next chance. Read on if you would like to learn more about the team.

Team Members
Michael Blizzard - BS Microbiology, Chemistry
(AKA "Mr. Gadget") - Welder and percussive maintenance expert. Began working in father's machine shop at the age of 15 rebuilding diesel truck heads. Gained valuable experience in welding, metallurgy, and machining operations. Motto "Build it and they will come. If they get in the way, build on top of them".

Mike Blackwell - BA Anthropology specializing in Archaeology
(AKA "Grumpy") - Electrical Master and Voice of Reason for the team. Has been known to dismember various English cars and hide the evidence (body parts) throughout his garage. Owner of the team fire prevention dog "William".

Sam Smith - BA Liberal Arts
(AKA "The Sam Jack") - Practicing geologist, resident genius, and lunatic at large. Conceiver of plans that, while outrageous, seem to work. Can find good beer in any city in any country. Coworkers keep him around to write computer code and do their home plumbing repairs. Currently seeking garage for homeless car.
Ready to Rule the Junkyard
With a Vengeance

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Having Fun With the Venturi Effect
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